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tardisilm:  Christopher Eccleston as Hamlet

tardisilm: Christopher Eccleston as Hamlet

Click on it. (Best gig EVAR)  This is what happiness looks like....oh Nine...you will always be MY Doctor..

My favourite gif ever. Watching it whilst listening to Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac = ultimate happiness.

Oh I did, Christopher, I did. Interview with Christopher Eccleston #DoctorWho #ChrisEccleston<<<HE WAS MY FIRST DOCTOR!!! LIKE IF HE WAS YOUR FIRST DOCTOR!!!!

Oh, Eccleston. I LOVE YOU! You're in my heart!<<<< He was my first doctor,and I Love him! I love his sass and personality! And it's amazing that Eccleston made me like him so much even though he had such a short time as the doctor.

Dr. Who - Christopher Eccleston, 9th Doctor's last words (said to Rose) | Sweet and concieted a bit at the same time!!!

Who. Christopher Eccleston, the Doctor's last words said to Rose. Sweet and conceited a bit at the same time! Right before his regenrationt to the Doctor, David Tennant.

Christopher Eccleston Vs. Christopher Eccleston.

Incase you don't know that is the ninth doctor, Christopher Eccleston… who also played the dark elf leader in Thor: The Dark World.

"Christopher Eccleston on being the Doctor" Except that he wouldn't come back for the anniversary ...

Christopher Eccleston on being the Doctor. I admire how Eccles really focused on the Doctor's respect for every creature and treated them all the same. That's the reason I like the Doctor.

Doctor Who, Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper behind the scenes. this is beyond adorable, and that was only the first  episode

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Christopher Eccleston & Billie Piper behind the scenes. This is beyond adorable.

DAT SMILE. If it doesn't warm your heart and make your entire day better, you have no humanity.

[gif] Wait for it. His smile is so infectious.<<< I didn't see anything so I read the caption and look up to see a smiling nine.

I find it amusing that their poses speak to the way they each portrayed the Doctor. I got Clara :)

Which Doctor Who Girl Are You?

Doctor Who; Three Doctors on a couch: Christopher Eccleston, Matt Smith and David Tennant.

"You were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I." Nine's last words.

[Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor from Doctor Who TV Series - Minimalist Illustration Typography Art Print & Poster]

Oh, you sexy thing

"Just one of the many valuable skills acquired from the Time Lord Academy." i-need-the-doctor

well the phrase "truthful doctor" is an oxymoron so I'll pass but thanks anyway

Fishfingers and Custard: Planning Your Doctor Who Evening