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Arq. Javier Senosiain | México

organic architecture -and the most colorful organic looking sink I have ever…

The Nautilus house located near Mexico City is a unique shell shaped house designed by Mexican architect Javier Senosiain of Arquitectura Organica.

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KARAMULIS - KARAMULIS Bildergalerie - Chenoa Noe/CN000B0565k

KARAMULIS - KARAMULIS Bildergalerie - Chenoa Noe/CN000B0565k

Traumhaus im Bohemian-Style

Luna Parc - Home and studio of madcap artist Ricky Boscarino, and sprawling over six acres in the lush Northwestern woods of New Jersey. (****See Pin showing a different section of Luna Parc.

Is this what eco homes in the future will look like? | Architecture And Design

From underground shelters to space-age Earthships, UK collective energy switch organisation, The Big Deal, have identified five candidates for energy saving homes of the future.

Azul Turquesa Bitácora de Teresa: Inspiración curva para futuros arquitectos

I love this colored window seating area. (curved-colorful-home-interior - spectacular shell house design by Arquitectura Organica)

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Another unique home design, now Arquitecturaorganica came with shell shaped house. Nautilus House, Mexico City is an imposing building that can impress any

Home Sweet Home!