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Great homage by Enomis D'angel, thank you!! :) #LuminaThanks

A funny Shani & nervous fruff!! Lovely homage by Elena Triolo - StorieDisegniCaroteECannella Thank you ^_^ #Lumina

Sweet Kite & Miriam, homage by Roberta Gandolfo!! Thank you :) #LuminaThanks

Sunset surprise from Paolo Spino and his fan art of Juba!! Thank you Paolo!! :) #LuminaTanks #WorldOfLumina

Fantastic Kite & Miriam by claudio Avella!! Thank you :) #Luminathanks #WorldOfLumina

Another sweety Shini!! homage by keuprock illustrations, thank you :) #LuminaThanks

Shani with a naughty Fruff and a proud Juba!! Thanks to Elisa Divi!! :) #Lumina #WorldOfLumina

A young Shani with a sweet fruff!! Thanks to Lucia Alocchi for her beautiful homage :) #LuminaThanks

Sweet Shani by Marce lozano!! Thank you!! :) #LuminaThanks Please Don't forget to subscribe to Lumina Newslatter :)

A meditative Juba, homage by Deborah Ceccaroni!! Thank you :) #LuminaThanks