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Great homage by Enomis D'angel, thank you!! :) #LuminaThanks

“Fascinated by the sublime power of the beautiful immortals forever etched in the Greek artifacts, I scoured every gallery and museum. I dreamt of Athena, the Goddess of wisdom, and paid homage to all the Gods and Goddesses of ancient Greek mythology who ruled the universe from atop Mount Olympus” Camilla Franks The Amphora Split Front & Sleeve Kaftan is made from a floaty pure silk is and one of our most covetable pieces. With a relaxed fit and plunging neckline twinkling with crystal…

cher, arizona, 70's http://www.desktoplightingfast/Zorro123

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Spiritual Healing the Native American Way With Herbs and Other Spiritual Helpers

Shaman (I have met many shamans, they are super interesting and their beliefs make sense to me)

Paying homage to the Emperor. One of the many theories put forward to explain the fall of the Roman Empire in the West is that of the slow evolution of the Roman monarchy from its Principate origins to an oriental model of absolute rule, which began the detachment of the emperor from the Senate and People, and therefore, in time, the reduction of popular loyalty to the idea of the empire itself.