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Explore Tiled Walls, Estuary Grand and more!

The kitchen of Estuary features all of the amenities and more, including statement lighting and tiled walls.

The tiki hut bar is designed with bamboo and Chinese antiques. Who knew that a fish would make a great accessory in the cage?

The second floor office, fit with a whiteboard and desk, features a tall antique Chinese cabinet for added effect.

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The family dining room is in the out-cove of the kitchen, and contains both a booth and antique chairs.

The formal dining room is located right next to the kitchen. The dining room table can comfortably seat 8 people. Notice the Qing Dynasty cabinet in the background. The cabinet is both functional and aesthetic, providing both storage and a luxurious look.

The office is the first room one sees upon entering the front door. Adorned with several Chinese antiques, the office looks as elegant as any. In the background, several props (generally used in an opera or play) are situated on a rack. In the foreground, antique wooden chairs show intricate carvings. Notice the ceiling, which not only is lined with bamboo, but is also covered with various antique carvings.

In this guest bedroom, notice the antique Chinese end tables on both sides of the bed. Also in the corner of the room is a Qing Dynasty bookshelf .