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"Words create worlds” 3 - Advertisements for Anagram Bookshop (Prague) done by Kaspen.

Libro delle fiabe

Peter Pan Book Art by anonymous Edinburgh Book Sculptor.-as beautiful as book sculptures are they make me cringe to think of the damaged book.

A curious shop built inside volumes of antique books

Extraordinary Shops In Books These little shops and vignettes built into books have been displayed at Seattle before. The exterior of the scale roombox "Ode to Susan Harmon" built into a set of recycled books by Janey Elliot Photo copyright 2010 Le

Brian Dettmer,Complete and Authoritative Book of Games2012,hardcover book, acrylic varnish, 8-3/16" x 7" x 1-3/4"

♒ Altered Book & Journal Art ♒ Complete and Authoritative Book of Games by Brian Dettmer: Carved book

.Thomas Allen art

American photographer Thomas Allen uses cut-outs from old book covers to create a context for the stories

altered books by ArtChoice

One of the Mysterious Paper Sculptures left as an anonymous gift at the Edinburgh Book Festival. Many were left at libraries throughout the city.


Catching Up – Travels – News – Review

Anagram Octopus, a promotional piece for the Anagram Bookshop in Prague - Altered Book Art - creative art with paper

Art from books... literally!

10 Visual Artists Who Use Books as Their Medium

Now books really do look interesting, don't they? Artist Guy Laramee created these amazing book landscapes by carving old books, dictionaries and encyclopedias.

The Oomphalapompatronium

This is a short promo piece I made for one of Leonard Solomon's musical machines. Len is the subject of a short video that I am working on that should be com.

Here's a unique idea--have your child make a scene for a book report by using an old book and toy figures.  This one here is a war scene but you could use jungle animals or farm animals for other scenes in the book.

Insane artwork made from my old nemesis — books (35 Photos)

Bansky piece left in the box office of Filmhouse Cinema with this note “For – a gift – In support of Libraries, Books, Words, Ideas…&; All things *magic*.

°.: Buch - Kunst :.°

°.: Buch - Kunst :.°

amygaertner: “ The Book Origami of Isaac Salazar ” Beautiful art sculpture about something I totally love to do - read! Love the fact this book wasn’t “cut” to sculpt but was.

amazing book sculpture.  I don't know who the artist is and I can't seem to find out.  Does anyone know?

amazing book sculpture Looks as if the books story is coming to life, interesting concept very well executed

Su Blackwell

British Artist Su Blackwell Makes Magical Paper Art From Old Books

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Awesome books are awesome

Altered Book Art by Brian Dettmer. The book lover in me is horrified at altering these books but the art is amazing!