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Jewellery Theatre: the Philosophy is to combine Beauty with Art to take you into a world within a world; a world of wonder on a higher plane than the everyday world around you; to employ the genius of brilliant designers with the craftsmanship of master jewellers. Working only with precious stones and metals,

Jewellery Theatre's yellow gold Flowers earrings and ring features white, green and blue diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

Jewellery Theatre - Autumn Earrings Ref: D*2_000 WBF1, 18K White Gold, 2 diamond slices 2.91 ct, 341 diamonds 1.64 ct, 266 coloured diamonds 1.38 ct

Jewellery Theatre: Rose Pendant Ref: H*4 040 WBF135 18K White and Black Gold 148 diamonds 1,34 ct 158 pink sapphires 1,32 ct 174 blue sapphires 1,52 ct 1 baroque pearls pink 33.6*22.4

Jewellery Theatre CLOUDS EARRINGS Ref: R_2_000 WP13 18K white gold 82 diamonds 1,62-1,65 ct 98 blue sapphires 0,68-0,71 ct