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Ahlene Welsh, Sterling silver, brass, nickel 2 1/4 x 3 1/8 in. "Inspired by texture, rhythm, line, and sculptural shapes found in the natural world, I try to capture the essence of places, things, and creatures. My goal is to create pieces which are wearable but unique and interesting, meant to decorate and enhance the wearer, but upon closer inspection to reveal a surprising and sometimes humorous identity."

Pressed flowers jewelry BELL pendants stained glass necklaces stainless steel botanical jewelry

#Support_my_make_up #Kiota_african_mask #productVINYAGO I introduce my product mask from African cultures and naturally to be uses in films and horror movies product #VINYAGO take me to #rbfx Narudi na asili ya mtu mweusi Ssa unaweza kufanya movie zenye asili ya Africa kwa mtindo wa vinyago vya kuvaa usoni ni vyepesi mnoo..