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Tales for the reader...

Tales for the reader.


Amazing Fairy Tale Art from a Biology PhD. ❤️ "The Wolfman" by "bluefooted" (Erin) on deviantart Such a sad scene. Who is this little girl to the wolf? Who is this wolf? He looks like a gentleman.

Illustration by Alexander Maskaev

There are somewhere Cat Planet . The artist Alexander Maskaev.


In Extremis de Sandro Giordano. Hilarantes fotos de gente que cae con todas sus pertenencias // In Extremis by Sandro Giordano. Hilarious Photos of People who've fallen down among all their belongings

Norman Rockwell, 1937 - "The Most Beloved American Writer" (Louisa May Alcott). Collection of George Lucas.  Jo March, (protagonist of "Little Women" & surrogate for Alcott) in the act of creating the novel, a coming-of-age story. “The sun lay warmly in the high window, showing Jo seated on the old sofa, writing busily, w/ her papers spread out upon a trunk before her, while Scrabble, the pet rat, promenaded the beams overhead, accompanied by his oldest son" --from Ch. 14


This is amazing! I love little women. Jo Seated on the Old Sofa by Norman Rockwell, 1937 /oil on canvas /Jo March from the novel 'Little Women' by Louisa May Alcott

Teehee! this looks like me as a child, always into mischief  (By Norman Rockwell)

Girl With Black Eye - Norman Rockwell This used to be outside the principal's office in elementary school.

This instrument is clear evidence of the links between the astrolabe and astrology. On one side is an astrolabe for a single latitude, and on the other an astrological volvelle, used to find the positions of planets and other celestial bodies, especially in relation to the traditional astrological houses.

Links between astrolabe & astrology. On 1 side is an astrolabe 4 a single latitude & on th other an astrological volvelle, th positions f planets & other celestial bodies, especially in relation traditional astrological houses

Norman Rockwell The Facts of Life (Study)

Norman Rockwell The Facts of Life painting, oil on canvas & frame; Norman Rockwell The Facts of Life is shipped worldwide, 60 days money back guarantee.


Muhammad Ali – Published June 2016 PHOENIX – Muhammad Ali, known as “The Greatest,” died in Phoenix on Friday night. He was Muhammad Ali, who was born Cas…