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Cloak. France. 1580-1600... Object Type A cloak was the third item of dress in a man's ensemble at the end of the 16th century. It was worn with a doublet and trunk hose. While most cloaks were used for protection, those made of expensive fabrics such as this silk were primarily symbols of wealth and social status. Materials & Making Cloaks of the late 16th century were usually cut in the shape of a half, three-quarter or complete circle, depending on how much fabric the wearer could…

RENAISSANCE PAINTING 16TH Clouet,Jean Francois I, King of France (1494-1547). Detail of golden embroidered clothing. For overall view please see 26-01-02/33. Oil on wood (1535) 96 x 74 cm Inv. 3256 Louvre, Departement des Peintures, Paris, France

King Henry III (1216-1272). 20th great-grandfather of Queen Elizabeth II. House of Plantagenet. 6 sons, 3 daughters. Reigned for 56 yrs, 29 days and was succeeded by his son, Edward.

Henry IV (13 December 1553 – 14 May 1610),also known by the epithet "Good King Henry",King of Navarre (as Henry III) from 1572 to 1610 and King of France from 1589 to 1610.He was the first French monarch of the House of Bourbon.Baptised as a Catholic but raised in the Protestant faith by his mother Jeanne d'Albret,Queen of Navarre, he inherited the throne of Navarre in 1572 on the death of his mother. As a Huguenot, Henry was involved in the French Wars of Religion...

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