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Skeletons In Churches Across Europe @genashguin

Skeletons In Churches Across Europe

We all want to shoot our alarm clock every morning. And now you can! Just fire the gun at the clock to shut it off. I know one thing's for sure: I'd have fun waking up every morning just to assassinate my alarm clock.

Gun Operated Alarm Clock - Old NES light gun was modified with tilt switches to control a vintage digital clock radio. When the alarm wakes you up, grab the gun and kill it off!

This wall watch has a handle pull.

Clocky Alarm Clock Unusual alarm clock that jumps 3 feet from your night stand and runs away beeping to get you up. You can only snooze once link Shape Up

Beer/Milk...I just threw up...saying that

A brewery in Hokkaido, Japan, recently released a low-malt beer using milk. The idea came from the son of a liquor store who is in the dairy farm industry. After having a problem of discarding milk, he proposed the local brewery to produce the milk beer.

Silent Alarm Clock by Johan Brengesjo: Each wireless rubber ring has an vibration device creating a tactile alarm. Shake your hand to engage the snooze mode!  #alarm_Clock #Eing #Johan_Brengesjo

Just wear the wireless rubber ring with an integrated vibration device that generates a tactile alarm. The snooze function is engaged by shaking your hand. This would wake me up better!

Switchblade Cuff Links

swiss army knife cufflinks / never leave home without it, I wonder if you can wear these on a plane or will the TSA say "give'em up".

Beanbag Beds - I saw this on Shark Tank! They look cool!

Get your Beanbag Bed. Three in one beanbag, mattress and bed. Cloud like foam filling makes you feel amazingly comfortable and dream about clouds. Ideally moulds to your body contours. Within 30 seconds your can become a bed.

Cloud - magnetic sofa

Floating cloud couch levitates with magnetic force

Trivial Pursuit - Board Games - Zontik Games

For Trivial Pursuit, the classic dinner-party trivia game with all the right questions, Geoffrey Parker provides the most elegant answer.

Why my cooking Videos are doing so well! – Remmy Meggs Dot Com

people who cook worse than you. Makes me feel better about my cooking abilities.

Alarm Clock Carpet: Oversleeping will become a thing of the past when waking up with the alarm clock carpet. The ingenious design forces you to physically get out of bed in order to deactivate the annoying beep while a helpful LED display informs you the time.

Alarm Clock Carpet

Carpet Alarm Clock -- forces you to get up and stand on it to turn it off. Carpet Alarm Clock -- forces you to get up and stand on it to turn it off. Kind of ugly. but it would help me wake up.

It's Wacky Wednesday at www.shepherdswatch.com!   What do you think about these wacky inventions? www.wackyinventions.com

A bacon alarm clock. I'm pretty sure I just found a cure for anybody's grumpiness. Because, seriously. A bacon alarm clock.