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By: @chickidee131440 Butterfly (A picture of a butterfly I took! If you want PLEASE go check out my Picture bored! It is FULL of pictures I have Taken!! It is the first Bored on my profile and has this picture as the cover!)

By: @chickidee131440 (PLEASE don't pay attention to the clothes, shoes or hands! I am HORRIBLE at people! BUT I am getting better! I am stile adding things to might try to help her shoes out a bit! YIKES! Ok I need to practice! I am getting better though and that is a GOOD thing!! )

I adopted this guy! Sagar! Design by @elizabetht0320 Drawing by @chickidee131440

Not bad for a first attempt at a zombie. I tried to draw the poster for pride and prejudice and zombies. By Maya

I HAVE FINALLY DRAW THE ANGRY CINNAMON ROLL KYLO REN. And he isn't that awful!!! He's kinda a wip. I might ink him, but IM SCARED I'LL FUCK UP HIS ANGRY CINNAMON ROLL FACE. By Maya

By: @chickidee131440 Got to visit and old abandoned house! It was SOOOO CREEPY! IT was EPIC!

By: @chickidee131440 If you don't have a hunting dog you gather up everyone, line them up, and make them walk around a field when it is like 5 degrees out! LOL! We had fun! I took this shot when we went pheasant hunting on Thanksgiving Day! We only spooked up 2 hens.....was kind of sad!

Sagar. Just haven't colored him yet! I really am LOVING this adoptable! Design by: @elizabetht0320 drawing by @chickidee131440