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Repost if you don't like bullying

Repost if you don't like bullying

Lol I just like how Cameron's Face is on it

How can you not repost this? I only reposted it because of the picture, not because of the chain.

Btw when I post these, I post them for the cuteness, I don't care about the chain and I can tell you that it is indeed fake =)..

I have to pin it to 10 things.- <<< I more posted it for the facts cause they are mostly true

I know this isn't true, I just like posting these :)

Just meme it!

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Hahahah I can't breath<<< I can't comment so Prato pie chicken nuggets and soup idk why


I yawned because it was talking about yawning and I just woke up. So I yawned looking at it haha cx

I mean it won't happen and I don't have a crush but ok

My crush already asked me out lol. Don't repost and all will come true. Repost and all will come true. I hate these posts.

Still, spelling is still important. I will chastise you if you spell something wrong.

Only repost if you can read that is a preety amazing fact about the human that i really did not know

I hope my wish comes true ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Pinterest @ Rian T

Ok I DO know this is chain-mail AND it's fake but I did it AS I read it so whatever might as well repost

I don't understand these things. Comment if these actually worked for you.

of people absolutely do no marry their secondary/high school sweetheart. Most people don't even marry their university partner. I have never reposted or sent on a chain letter and my life is fine.