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I think the arms are about the right size, though.

from Concerning Writing

Captain Jack Sparrow, meet Bard the Bowman – Part 1

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: Jack Sparrow and his jar of dirt Reposting some of my old musings about life on the high seas. Aye, I do be one of the geekiest wenches ye ever met. This is just here for the...

Me since I became a teen: 30 seconds to brush hair. No one will notice this stain on my jeans I've worn for a week, right?.

Stop narrating your life on social media. Nobody cares and you can't truly live in the moment. #TRUTH WHY DO PEOPLE PUT EVERYTHING ON FACEBOOK?!

from 22 Words

These Parenting Memes Are Absolutely PERFECT

Parenting is the hardest gig in the world, which is why you need a sense of humor to keep from going insane. If you're currently in the middle of trying to find the one tiny toy among the 3,253 other toys that you child wants to play with and need a laugh, have no fear...there's a meme for that. 46 of them, in fact, because we've found the most hilarious memes from the funniest parents on the web!