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!!!!! So true... So, the message here is to remove myself from the bustle of people, and traffic, and busy-ness and take myself for a drive to the outskirts of anywhere, walk a labyrinth, sit on a hilltop, stare at the stars at night.... and meditate.

Dye Your Embroidery Thread! Bling Pumpkin! Quilted Autumn Placemats! Cigar Box Embroidery! Autumn Russian Cocktail Recipe! DIY Birch Shadow Box! A Frugal Table Runner! PLUS. . . Recipes, Jokes, Art, Design & Memories!

DON’T MISS A THING, MISS THANG! YOKE DU YOUR Did you know Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz could have gone back home because she did have a debit card with her? But there were no banks in Oz. That&#8…

Somethings never change; like that feeling you get when you haven't seen someone for sometime now. That feeling of two people starting right where they left off. And then, somethings do change like two people growing further apart, but also remembering the little things, the little similarities that string them back together, as if nothing ever happened or as if nothing ever drifted them apart.