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Explore Conservative Kingdom, Female Employment and more!

A surge in female employment is changing social norms and shaking up marriages in this conservative kingdom.

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5 Great Environmental Documentaries - The Academy Awards shine a spotlight on the best movies made in any given year. Here’s a list of five of the best environmental documentaries made in 2015.

Video: TNT's "Librarians" series, starring Christian Kane, to be featured in New York Comic Con panel today Article abt Christian kane being on #TheLibrarians.... NewsOK article 10-10-2014

Women must unite to maximise success in start-ups

Business training designed for only females can set them on the path to entrepreneurship

Best Way To Save The World? Put Women In Charge

Empowering women has been held up as an answer to myriad global problems, starting with poverty. According to the Global Poverty Project, women make up half the world's population and yet represent a staggering 70 percent of the world's poor. As the report notes, “We live in a world in [...]

Ask patients how they feel, along with how they are feeling

You've heard it many-a-time before. Breakfast is a seriously important meal that can help you get your day off to a good start. Eating a healthy breakfast can provide you with the energy you need in …

There is a growing recognition that pest management with chemicals is an inherently bankrupt approach. We pour on more and more of this "solution" each year, with less and less response. In fact, we have increased our global tonnage of rescue chemicals every year for ten decades and, every year,