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Basic market research methods enable a company to track future customers. Surveys, focus groups, personal interview, observations and field trails disclose customers’ behavior and their shopping patterns. These provide space and modification to your launched product and service.

The traditional Korean fireplace in the kitchen is the starting point for heating the home in the Korean hanok, or traditional house. This under-floor heating device, called “ondol,” is used to get through long, cold Korean winters. The history of ondol goes back to the Neolithic Age and a campaign is under way to promote it globally.

Build Your Own Festive Balloon Archway An archway of balloons is a fun, eye-catching addition to any party. Learn the basic techniques and start sculpting your own balloon creations! Read more on MAKE The post Build Your Own Festive Balloo

Homeschool Basics: Christian Homeschooling in a Classical Style ($1.20) I look forward to reading some more of the Bluedorn's other ebooks. - Reading this book has given me a new perspective and I've started to see that things can be different. - The two big ideas from the book are the same ones I'd share with other young moms: 1. slow down and 2. read aloud to the children every day.

9. Continuity without breakage. – Xiang Lian Bu Duan - 相連不斷 In external martial arts, the power used is only physical strength and therefore there is a start and a finish to it. In between is the break where strength from the previous move is finished and before the new force is issued, which is the weakest point and can be easily exploited by the opponent. Taiji Quan uses yi and not li, hence the movements become continuous without ending like a roaring river without ceasing.

Merry Christmas | 2015 - credits: Christmas - Templates by Christaly Designs and Christmas Countdown : Collection by Amanda Yi, Studio Basic Designs & Two Tiny Turtles

How to Play Pool (And Look Like You Know What You’re Doing): An Animated Visual Guide

What does this image mean to you? It sends my mind straight to skills. How does this image connect to your play personality? In that challenging others and showing the skills feel good. The Competitor