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“I’d always thought that my awkwardness was a thin veil disguising the real me. The me that was funny and could write songs that touched people. The me that would one day find some beautiful,...

Summer often means a break in your usual routine. Perhaps school has ended, or you’ve got more time off, or the sun’s out, making you feel guilty about hiding in your blanket fort all day. | How Do You Take Care Of Your Mental Health In The Summer?

All things beautiful & lovely | fabulous & dandy | girly & timeless | witty & delightful | bewitching & captivating | charming & darling | delicious & dreamy | glamorous & fascinating. Unless stated otherwise, I do not own any of the pictures used.

We are Stockholm and Berlin's most talked about real estate agency. But this place is not about us. We sample our friends and their lives in one week. And we have a lot of friends. STOCKHOLM BERLIN

These are not my pictures, they are the amazing recipes and food photography I find around the internet. Everything I post has a click-through link as well as a link below the picture to the original...

With Madrhiggs... also you can create or manage your ice cream production with the economic help of the people... then you can thank economically the people who helped you and so you can climb in the charts to create other things... love ice cream

Hello! I'm Kailey - sometimes photographer and model, cat stalker, musicals enthusiast & lover of music, animation, & personalstyle~. Based in Oregon. MERMAIDENS | INSTAGRAM | | ABOUT | MODELING | POWDER DOOM

My name is Liel! Pathological picture taker, exercise enthusiast, music lover, impulsive, loving and sensitive. This my place for things that inspire me - make me happy and make me go hmmmmmmmm????!!!...

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