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turecepcja: Illustrations by Andrew Ferez • Hi-Fructose Magazine

Surreal Illustrations by Andrew Ferez Andrew Ferez aka is an digital artist and illustrator based in Moscow, Russia. He creates these magically artworks - they are often covers for various.

Stribog, in East Slavic mythology, the god of wind, born from the breath of Rod. His name goes back to the ancient roots of "Strega", which means "big", "paternal uncle." Such a value is found in "The Song of Igor's Campaign", where the winds are called "stribozhimi grandchildren." Being a master of wind Stribog can cause or stop a storm front, or any other phenomenon associated with the wind.Slavs celebrate day Stribog August 21.

Ukko the Mighty High God of Finnish people. Once associated also with Ilmarinen. Old man and god of weather and thunder.

Juan Gatti: Ciencias Naturales, 2011.


Artist: Juan Gatti {contemporary artistic rib cage skeleton anatomy birds nature circle of life decomposition painting}

Viviana Gonzalez - Dark portrait II

Dark portrait II (colour option) Art Print