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Smartskole sin YouTube kanal

Smartskole sin YouTube kanal

YouTube for Schools offers high quality educational videos on YouTube for free, in a controlled environment.  Students can brows educational content from over 600 partners, including TED, Steve Spangler Science, Smithsonian and more, without the distraction of kittens or music videos.

YouTube For Schools Strips Away Kitten and Fail Videos So Students Can Actually Learn Online

Find out about the new technology which allows your phone to charge in minutes

Battery Life of a teacher! This is why I have to fight to stay awake until 9 pm on Friday night! True except I stay up on Friday nights just because I can

The Techy Teacher: More SMART Board Downloads for Everyday Math! *FREE!

SmartBoard game that lets you roll a dice on the smartboard and tally them up. (good probability tool) Everyday math journal game too

This has math games for all math areas, including multiplication, fractions, and probability.

Great website for math games - love how it is organized! Best interactive math tools and activities for kids and their teachers

Need to find this for my sister- in- law's graduation this weekend.  So cute!

I will not yell in class. I will not throw things in class. I will not have a temper tantrum. I will always be good, Because I am the teacher.