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King Scorpion, 1st documented representation of a pharaoh: predynastic period, ca 3025 BC. He was found in the temple of Hierakonpolis. 'Scorpion King' is thought to be the oldest hieroglyph. Oxford Ashmolean Mus

Ramesses I, first king of Dynasty 19, was a military officer from the eastern Delta. He served as a general and vizier under Haremhab, last king of Dynasty 18, and was designated by him as his successor. Probably quite old when he became king, most of his monuments were finished by his son, Seti I.

The Scorpion King - the first documented representation of a pharaoh. Pre-dynastic period (c. 3025 BC). - He was discovered in the temple of Hierakonpolis. * The Scorpion King (the name of the animal represented close to your face) can be digging the foundations of a temple. Scorpion King is the oldest hieroglyph. Oxford Ashmolean Museum.

They Had Feathers: Is the World Ready to See Dinosaurs as They Really Were?

The velociraptor has long been depicted as a scaly creature. That’s all changing as fossil evidence shows how widespread feathers were among dinosaurs. Preening velociraptor illustration by John Conway.

Found in the tomb at Hierakonopolis of king Narmer and Ra, a Pre-dynasty king who facilitated the unification of Egypt.