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Tesni and Tamlen DA:O Manip by twistshimmy

A manipulation of Tesni (f!Mahariel) and Tamlen eyeing something that startled them during the Origin scene of Dragon Age Origins. Tesni and Tamlen DA:O Manip

Flemith: Dragon Age

I was insane since before I was a mother but motherhood definitely hasn't helped any!

Ah yes. "Helping" Of course.

As i recall, Knight Commander Meredith never helped Hawke, maybe once when she killed one of the Qunari, and that's it i guess

Funny one xD -found on tumblr

cullen my doodles dragon age inquisitor dragon age inquisition iron bull lavellan Avan Lavellan Bull is totally on board with this idea drew a comic because

Dragon Age Origins (Dalish Elf Origin) - wow ok I didn't need my heart anyways (still not over Tamlen)

prinnydraws: Replaying Dragon Age Origins and coming up with more headcanons makes it more painful. This is gonna be a fun ride. gdi Tamlen why you gotta say stuff like that, that’s what people in horror movies say before they die.