6-11-11  Poiret dress, on a real person - 1913

Lampshade dress was first introduced by Paul Poiret. He was the one who liberated women form the constricting corsets, redifined women's silhouette. These lampshade style dresses got tunic over hobble skirt, very narrow hem which restricted long strides

Paul Poiret

Fashion designer Paul Poiret hard at work. He was the most important Parisian couturier in the pre-World War I years.

* Robe en soie bleu dur appliquée de motifs orientalistes, encolure ronde soulignée de pattes d’épaule, effet de poignets droits, ceinture 1910 Paul Poiret

silk dress with dark blue oriental motifs application with a drawstring waist Paul Poiret Une robe en soie bleu-nuit avec application de motifs orientalistes, avec

Poiret dress "Magyar", photo by Edward Steichen

Edward Steichen, L’Art de la Robe by Paul Poiret in Art et Décoration, 1911

Day and walking dresses (including two variations on one top) and a hat, 1912 the Netherlands, De Gracieuse

tutorial (by The Mended Soul) for making the purple Edwardian dress on the right (from De Gracieuse magazine,

Opera coat (image 4) | House of Poiret | French | 1912 | silk, metal | Metropolitan Museum of Art | Accession Number: 1982.350.2

Paul Poiret (French, Opera Coat 1912 Yellow and pale blue silk satin, black silk velvet, turquoise silk satin with gold and silver filé crocheted overlay, and silver filé trapunto half–belt and trim;

Poiret oriental costume for the actress Sarah Bernhardt

Poiret oriental costume for the actress Sarah Bernhardt

Denise Poiret, wife and muse of Paul Poiret

Denise Poiret, muse and wife of Paul Poiret. Paul Poiret was the self-proclaimed "King of Fashion" and arguably one of the most influential designers of the century.