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"This isn’t a game, this is paintball. " #CommunityLivesOn

That was a game, this is paintball.

Troy and Abed problems

Troy and Abed problems

Ever since Spock challenged the conventional view of evil twins, it has been easy to spot an evil character on a TV show. Just look for the beard.

15 Questions Fans Of "Community" Are Tired Of Hearing

In Case of the Darkest Timeline - Community - Evil Troy and Evil Abed

Even though they are mean to Americans, you can't help but laugh because it is true. But they're still assholes, funny assholes, but still assholes. Yet I still watch the show all the time.

Funny pictures about When Americans Travel. Oh, and cool pics about When Americans Travel. Also, When Americans Travel.

It’s a metaphor, it represents lack of payoff. #CommunityLivesOn #Lost #Claymation

It’s a metaphor, it represents lack of payoff.

Celebrity Impersonations - the group paying off Abed's debt. Community.

Britta (Gillian Jacobs) as Michael Jackson, i died laughing so hard.

Rock'n that goth look Jeff Winger.

Jeff is the rock n roll magician! Also heeeey Joel in that costume, um, excuse me while I swoon uncontrollably.

Am I krumping? That's not krumping. THIS is krumping.

Community: Troy and Abed get dance lessons. "Am I krumping?