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The Sahara Desert
I must BE in THIS moment!!!!  As I walk along my path, I give thanks!  I am HERE... NOW!!!  I FEEL my feet every time they hit the sand. I FEEL the wind!!!  I EXPERIENCE walking the Dunes!   I Am here!!!!!  Thank You Spirit!!!  I am here!!!   Thank You Spirit!!!  I.... Am...... Here!!!!! Thank you.....
Berbers in Sahara Desert. Visit Morocco, www.asilahventures.com Morocco Specialist.
map of africa showing sahara desert
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9 of the World's Hottest Deserts
#Mediterranean #MiddleEast and #GulfRegion emerges as one of the top destinations for #fdi US$85.5 billion greenfield #FDI in 2013
Zagora to Tafraoute in Morocco: Take sand dunes towering 300 meters above your head, then mix them with a lush oasis where women wander through the palm trees singing while they work, some challenging climbs and miles of flowering almond trees and you have an idea of what this patch of southern Morocco has to offer for bicycle touring.