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Карикатура: Министр образования, Новосёлов Валерий

Карикатура: Министр образования, Новосёлов Валерий

They didn't just start. IRS has always been crooked. they got caught this time! But I would bet 95% are decent, honest people. It's the squeaky wheel syndrome...The bad stuff rises to the top. Get rid of the IRS and replace it with a flat tax that is easy for people to do their tax returns. Do something smart for a change. I like a flat tax...nothing back. This would be fair for all, with no way to cheat. The IRS is a joke and must be abolished! Should have been done a LONG time ago.

Thank you Ted Cruz for your strong Reaganesque stand against ObamaCare. The newly empowered GOP leadership should thank you as well.

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With no real accomplishments to her name, “the woman’s card” is Hillary’s trump card against Trump should he become the GOP nominee. Political cartoon by A.

The topic this cartoon covers is voting, which is as political as it gets.   http://www.slideshare.net/almiklas/political-cartoons-explained

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Loving the truth in this cartoon. :-) Voting is where it's at! state primary elections are today, Polls are open until 8 p.