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Immune diseases 2- pediatrics

Immune deficiency- pediatrics

Assault Rape Mnemonic-BEST USMLE Step 2 CS Mnemonics - Medical Institution

Crohns Disease. I often have friends asking me what crohns is. These are the symptoms I deal with regularly. Some days I can't believe there is no cure

Dopaminergic Pathways... Antipsychotics affect Dopamine in the brain... Risperidone affects the TUBEROINFUNDIBULAR pathway, causing decreased Dopamine and uninhibited Prolactin... This leads to Gynecomastia, Gallactorrhea, amenorrhea, and decreased libido

Factitious Disorder... Faking Sick for "primary gain" to assume the sick role... can also be referred to as Munchausen syndrome... This differs from Malingering in which there is pursuit of a secondary gain (money, time off work)

Depression Mnemonic and Differential Diagnosis - USMLE Step 2 CS

Vaccines for asplenic patients... should be administered 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after the splenectomy... Need protection from Strep pneumo + Neisseria meningitidis + haemophilus influenza... Administer PCV13, Meningococcal, and HiB vaccines... 8 weeks after that administer PPSV23... Another PPSV23 in 5 years and then again at age 65... Administer those standard three regardless of previous vaccination history

Medications that cause Hyperkalemia... When evaluating Hyperkalemia, the first step is to obtain an EKG... If there are no abnormalities, Calcium Gluconate is not needed... Causes of Hyperkalemia = Renal Disease (most common) + Medications + Trauma + Tumor Lysis Syndrome... after ruling out EKG changes and Renal disease, the next step is to REVIEW THE PATIENT'S MEDICATIONS