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sararye: freightsick: lovers-bones: omg the seal Just gonna sit here and cry for a little bit maybe look at the elephant oh my god

Alpacas! My brother Tim used to work on an alpaca and llama farm...he even went to alpaca and llama shows!

@ this was very difficult and it's actually an endangered species - it's a Douc Langer (colobine monkey) native to south east asia and it's a close relative of the probiscus monkey

Thank you, Charlotte for your Ducklets.....this one is another who could have followed us frantically on that little piece of land with a pond.

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That Is Adorable

Sea Otters are good mother's. They roll their baby in a sea kelp vine, so they won't float away, while moms dive for Abaloney-their shellfish food. They bring up 2 stones, from the bottom. Lay 1 on their chest and pound the Abaloney shell with the other.