Australian Skateboard Kits supplies skateboard deck and longboard kits for custom deck building at home or in the classroom. Using the patented Thin Air Press System, there is no need for dangerous adhesives or power tools.

1945- Little George, rooster mascot of submarine U.S.S. SKATE, stands on the shoulder of sailor as he prepares to sound reveille over the sub's speaker system.

Mercury Skates: Enjoy Smooth Ride Mercury Skates: Enjoy Smooth Ride by Eija Jimenez IPPINKA / 2015-07-28 11:59 In-line skating has never been more fashionable or safer with designer Puvan Mokhtaranis Mercury Skates. It wasnt too long ago when in-line skating was the rage a preferred way of simple transportation and a fun way of recreational activity. However skating in-line posed many problems on the skaters calf joints and knees. The design were all familiar with caused immense…

A yachting expert named Peter Lester told a New Zealand TV network that Oracle was using a computer-automated system to get its boat on foils. He said skipper Jimmy Spithill merely had to press a button to put the boat on foils, thanks to something called the "stability-assistance system." "That's complete baloney," Coutts said. "We weren't allowed to be automated. The measurers never would have allowed that." He added with a chuckle, "We were quite happy to have Team New Zealand believe…

Thanksgreat reward system for kids. when they do chores (on time, no whining, no complaining) and do them well, they earn points to shop at the store points can also be earned for good behavior, sharing, helping.....LOVE this idea!! some ideas for the store: snacks, candy, later bed time, sleepover...etc awesome pin

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