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Mass Effect 3 is an action role-playing, third person shooter console game. Mass Effect 3 is developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts.

Mass Effect 3 category - high resolution wallpapers widescreen Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect,фэндомы,ME art,Javik

Mass Effect,фэндомы,ME art,Javik

Mass Effect 3 infographic

Mass Effect on

Two Thirds of Us Played Mass Effect 3 As a Paragon. Mostly as Soldiers.

Mass Effect canon timeline outside the games

This was posted on r/masseffect but I thought I’d share it here since I had a discussion on this a while back.

ME: The Morning War by Abadir.deviantart.com on @deviantART

This is the reason behind the Quarian/Geth war. Yes, a Mass Effect fanart. Other "Mass Effect: Priorities" strips: ME: The Morning War

Wouldn't this be easier than almost getting seduced by a psychotic Asari?

A comic about Samara's loyalty mission in Mass effect You can see the latest comics at my site: [link] Comic 'Vanguard of Seduction'

Hey Valentine by ImperatorAlicia

Mass Effect Valentines: Jack, Joker and Mordin fuckin got me and omfg little legion bby. The cutest ones are Joker and Shep.

A Tale of Condensation by OchreJelly.deviantart.com

A Tale of Condensation by `OchreJelly dawwww .I love the Tali/Shep romance

Mass Effect Andromeda MCS by AmayaMarieSuta

This comic came about as a reaction to not only the sheer number romantic options you have but also how quickly you can hit on them. It overwhelmed me t. Mass Effect Andromeda MCS