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Explore Local Orchard, Fibre Called and more!

#Apples supply dozen of #phytochemicals, including the antiallergy #flavonoid #quercetin, and more potassium than fresh oranges. The souble fibre called pectin in apples helps the body's hormone disposal system work more efficiently, stabilizing blood pressure, and strengthens the #immune system. ‪#‎MWLtips‬. Visit a local orchard to pick your own and opt for organic.

Black pepper is highest in a #thermogenic agent called #piperine (the flavour compound). Piperine increases the breakdown of fat in the body while slightly increasing your metabolic rate, and improves the bioavailability of other herbs and spices. And when you combine #Blackpepper with #Turmeric it increases the absorption of this anti-inflammatory powerhouse. #MWLtips

January is a popular month for juicing. Make sure you're throwing some beets into the mix. Quick Cleansing & Immune Boosting Juice: 2 beets, 1/2 a green apple, 1/4 lemon, peeled with a 1/4 slice of ginger root.

Need a fun activity for the #family to enjoy this weekend? Why not go apple picking?! As an added benefits, loading-up your apple supply will provide your whole family with a rich source of disease-fighting #phytochemicals. Even better, studies have linked apple consumption with a reduction in #cardiovascular disease, #asthma, #diabetes and certain types of #cancer.

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If you find yourself going for seconds and overstuffing yourself during dinner, or craving dessert, try sipping on a cup of herbal tea instead. Chai, Rooibos or Honeybush #herbaltea with a bit of milk and raw honey are a few of many antioxidant-rich and delicious herbal tea recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth, fill your stomach up and quash the desire to eat more.

#Bullying is no longer just reserved for the schoolyard. New technologies have brought with them a more insidious brand of bullying that follows your child home. #CyberBullying can sabotage your child’s sense of self-worth, emotional well-being, and social standing, and it’s much more common than you might think.

Harsh winter air combined with the drying indoor heat can wreak havoc with your skin. Soothe parched winter skin by applying virgin #coconutoil on your face before bedtime. You might also try a simple, natural face mask: mash up a ripe avocado with a bit of plain honey, leave it on for 20 minutes, and rinse with warm water.