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goddesswithinyou: “With love you don’t bargain. There, the choice is not yours. Love is a mirror, it reflects only your essence, if you have the courage to look in its face.” —Rumi

Lauri Blank creates original fine art oil paintings utilizing old-world styles and techniques. She has participated in many exhibitions and one-person shows throughout the U.S.

Twin flames have a vibrant energy that is not matched by any form of energy - no matter where that non-twin-flame energy is located or who the energy belongs to. Even the birthing energy that gave life to the twin flames cannot match the twin flames' vibrancy and connectivity.

~ Riiya ~ 24 ~ Medieval. Fantasy. Sci-Fi. Books. Movies. Nature. Colour. Space. Adventure. Mystery I am living in a world of dreams ~My motto is "Expect the unexpected"~ If you want to know more about me just click the 'Who Am I' link :) . //