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5 Times Tumblr Users Invented an Emotional Marvel Headcanon

This is my favorite. It's so cute. But I also like the idea that she only does it with her besties and the guys she really trusts. Also on the Russian keyboard this: Ы is a thing and the like an eyepatch and a flat mouth so that became the default Fury emoji

** " Me can'ts letz yoo jump on de humans cabinet justs cuz yoo seez a bug. De…

The fact that this Fandom continues to ruin these hipster pictures will NEVER get old to me! <-- HAHA!


No, This Isn't Fake. These 27 Animals Are Just THAT Photogenic.

Wolves in love <3 My favorite animal! But it does also remind me of this one pic that Benedict and Martian took too.....

Haha true, that! I freaking love Siwon's derp face. It's beautiful. :^)

The boy of many faces, who always looks attractive no matter what stupid face he makes

Funny Pictures Of The Day 56 Pics... Look at the smug little bastard

Pete wentz and patrick stump. Best buds. Haha patrick is sitting on the counter

The 20 Most Awkward ME GUSTA Rage Comics - Rage Comics - Ragestache