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This still cracks me up. All I could think about watching Batman was how easily SH would deduce Wayne's whole life's story. XD

Sherlock Holmes vs Batman - interesting idea: guess the superhero in disguise. Maybe for the princess/hero mash-up idea?


Batman & Robin (c) to DC comics. I'm starting to really like Dick and Damian as Batman and Robin. He He He. Batman: The New Duo

Story of Superheroes  - funny pictures #funnypictures

The Bat!Family story as told by Stephanie Brown (Spoiler/Robin IV/Batgirl III) This is so comic bookie. These people come back more often the Jesus

lol funny-d

Avengers Meme - Bring it, Batman. this is tooooo funny. Avngers, Batman, AND How I Met Your mother?

Batman's Tragic Origins

Funny pictures about Stop Whining Bruce. Oh, and cool pics about Stop Whining Bruce. Also, Stop Whining Bruce.

Who else wanted Jason to go out with Steph and Tim to get jealous when Stephanie came back from Africa? I'm sure I did! Still wanting that now..:by *DaPandaBanda on deviantART

DC Hanging by a Kryptonian! by DaPanda (Pardon the cliché title, for lack of a better one.) I love that Nightwing is giving Superman googly eyes.

Alfred and Bruce - Batman the Animated Series

but he never misses an opportunity to lay down a sick dad joke. << Alfred Pennyworth is my hero.

Batman.... You have officially become my #1 hero....

Funny pictures about There's a reason everybody likes Batman. Oh, and cool pics about There's a reason everybody likes Batman. Also, There's a reason everybody likes Batman.

Student Graphs Batman Equation, Finds Bat Signal in Math Form. If I was a teacher, I'd so do this!

Funny pictures about The Batman Equation. Oh, and cool pics about The Batman Equation. Also, The Batman Equation photos.