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Sugar Skull Pomeranian Mug B&W by mydogismycopilot on Etsy

.True Love xxxxx ♥ provides the fashion conscious with stylish…

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Dogs With Flower Crowns Is Basically a Smile Factory on Instagram

everyone needs a flower crown

Pomeranian mama with baby,I really think there is no statement for this pic,just plain LOVE,thats what POMS are made of!


32 Perfectly Fluffy Pets That Will Make Your Heart Burst With Joy

Cute Pomeranian husky puppy

Its too bad merle poms are so prone to health problems because they sure are beautiful!

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The 15 Most Fluffy And Cute Animals In The World

Myth#05 Dogs normally age 7 years for each human year Fact: True, dogs do grow at a quicker rate than human beings, but this growth is usually intense in their youth and gets sluggish in their later lives. The most integral factors that determine how a dog ages are its breed and size. Courtesy: Link […]

PomeranIan awww I want him and I'll call him Monte lol :) xx

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