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Godfather IV elucidates the situation the USA is in today because of the self-perpetuating system which condones theft and corruption

CultNation: State of the Union 2014: Obama calls for ‘year of action’

Over 2000 cold and snow records set in the USA this past week

Mandela ceremony interpreter called a 'fake'

from Reuters

Putin dissolves state news agency, tightens grip on Russia media

12-09-13 Putin dissolves state news agency, tightens grip on Russia media ~ President Vladimir Putin tightened his control over Russia's media on Monday by dissolving the main state news agency and replacing it with an organization that is to promote Moscow's image abroad. The move to abolish RIA Novosti and create a news agency to be known as Rossiya Segodnya is the second in two weeks strengthening Putin's hold on the media as he tries to reassert his authority after protests against his rule.

from Washington Post

NSA uses Google cookies to pinpoint targets for hacking

How the NSA piggybacks onto the tracking behaviors of commercial companies to enable exploitation and surveillance.

from Fox News

Is It Safe? Radioactive Japanese Wave Nears Us

Is it safe? Radioactive Japanese wave nears US By Maxim Lott-The nuclear reactor continues to leak radioactive water due to poor management, while Japanese subcontractors at the plant have admitted they intentionally under-reported radiation and that dozens of farms around Fukushima that were initially deemed safe by the government actually had unsafe levels of radioactive cesium

from Mail Online

Six-year-old boy accused of raping his cousin, aged five, in 'mummy and daddy game'

Six-year-old boy accused of raping his five-year-old cousin