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Kentuckians Mark and Bopper hang in on "The Amazing Race". http://www.ourtown.com/nky/article/2012/3/21/mark-bopper-hang-on-in-bavaria.html

Even though Mark and Bopper didn't win "The Amazing Race", they did get to visit "The Talk".

Kentuckians Mark and Bopper's latest Amazing Race adventure at http://www.ourtown.com/nky/article/2012/4/16/bopper-and-mark-continue-the-amazing-race-in-africa.html

Bopper and Mark get to Tanzania on "The Amazing Race". Read the story at http://www.ourtown.com/nky/article/2012/4/9/bopper-and-mark-meet-masai-warriors-in-tanzania.html

Another tough day for Kentuckians Mark and Bopper on "The Amazing Race". http://www.ourtown.com/nky/article/2012/4/30/mark-and-bopper-in-indiaagain.html

Our Town travel blogger continues with her European cruise. This stop it's Berlin, German (see Brandenburg Gate here). Catch up at http://www.ourtown.com/nky/article/2012/4/25/berlin-germany-a-quick-overview.html

FLORALS AND STRIPES? | Northern Kentucky at OurTown.com from Northern Kentucky at OurTown.com

Our Town's travel blogger continues her cruising adventure in Stockholm and Helsinki. http://www.ourtown.com/nky/article/2012/4/27/on-to-stockholm-and-helsinki.html

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