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Bopper & Mark

Two best friends from Manchester, Ky. will be among the 11 teams competing on The Amazing Race.

Even though Mark and Bopper didn't win "The Amazing Race", they did get to visit "The Talk".

Mark and Bopper from Kentucky didn't win "The Amazing Race" and at the start, I would have said GOOD cuz they were annoying, but I got used to their annoying ways and started to like them for their true friendship and tenacity in competition.

Amazing Race-Africa

"The Amazing Race:" Safaris, second chances, and soured relationships

S20E9: ROADBLOCK: Bollywood

TV tonight April A Bollywood dance causes problems on 'Amazing Race'

Another tough day for Kentuckians Mark and Bopper on "The Amazing Race".

TV tonight April Injury, illness, and head shaving on 'Amazing Race'

Kid Loves Toilets

The best way to give your child a creative, entrepreneurial mind (hint: you won't need flashcards) - The Happy Talent

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In honor of its founder, the recently deceased Charles Laufer, here's a cover gallery of Tiger Beat magazine. From the Righteous Brothers to the Jonas Brothers, Tiger Beat has been providing teen