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This is a group lesson for introducing Stick to Me Sam from the Superflex Curriculum by Stephanie Madrigal and Michelle Garcia Winner. It also contains ideas for drama, movement, and mindfulness activities.

AUsomely Social | Fun, innovative approaches to teaching Social Skills and Social Thinking® (based on the works of experts Michelle G. Winner and Stephanie Madrigal.)

‘Get to Know You’ Games and ‘All About Me’ FREE printable Activities for Kids

FREE social skills card game. Includes: 14 'What is wrong with this?' Cards, 14 'What should you do?' Cards and 14 'How did you feel?' Cards

This activity is a fun way to engage your students in a getting to know you activity with their peers. It would be a fun ice breaker to start the school year! Explain that good friends are a treasure and we are going on a treasure hunt to find out information about each other to help us become friends.