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Explore Undersea, The Flag and more!

Details from my Bridge project. I really enjoyed researching and making the flags (that read SHOREHAM - where I live) and the undersea section.

Paper Plate Aquarium Porthole. You have so many options with this you could use fish stickers, crackers, or make your own with paper. Tissue paper for seaweed or color beads and more to create their home.

Jellyfish chandelier. Imagine hundreds of these hanging from a ceiling in a large room, at different heights, forming a "bloom" (apparently, the name for a large group of them in one area!)

Australian artist Helle Jorgenson is beyond amazing!  Barnacles made out of reclaimed wool, and discarded plastic beautifully crafted into sea anemones… Pure awesomeness!  Check out her other work via the link.

The illustrations in this book are revealed in layers by cutting through pages to remove unwanted text and paper. Amazing craft.