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In order to have a peaceful life, it is all about adjusting to constant change in our lives. It has been said that about of the time, things don't go the…

"Eating dried noodles again? Trust me, anime ain't getting any realer because of it." "Oh my, buying all those chocolate bunnies for your kid? Prepare to get a salad-crazed rabbit in a few years." "You know that thing will make you night hell, don't you? Fine, fine, just checking." "... okay, this is the third week I've seen you buy pasta so COME HERE AND LET ME PET YOU YOU LONELY THING!"

Time for bedstory, if you finish your book today, you can go to waterstone and pick up "before I met you" of Lisa Jewell. It is not heavy in literature but it is meaningful, well-structured and unputable with @FCUK #makeascene.

This quote is unique to you helping & supporting me bring me back to being arty ♡ thank you for inspiring me x

You do give me butterflies...and make my heart race when I'm close to YOU!!! I am so captivated by your beauty!! I melt as I look at YOU or think about YOU!!! I Miss YOU Baby!! I Do!!! I wish you were in my arms & I could turn back the clock & be together all over again!! I can't stop thinking about how wonderful U were!!***

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