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The Lilliputian Dancing School, or ... Monsr. Gravieulo Tottibone, French Dancing Master to the Temple Lawyers [dancing with] Dame Prucilla Quiddletet, Dancing Mistress to the Milkmaids against May Day

Thisbe - John William Waterhouse (1909) Fissus erat tenui rima, quam duxerat olim, cum fieret paries domui communis utrique. Id vitium nulli per saecula longa notatum (quid non sentit amor?) primi vidistis amantes, et vocis fecistis iter ..."vocis fecistis iter"

Titivillus is often referred to with the title of "The Patron Demon of Scribes". As with all of us, minds can wander from time to time and the monks were no exception. When this happened, errors would be introduced into the text. No one likes to take credit for his own mistakes, and true to human nature the monks invented Titivillus. He was invented somewhat in jest by them, both to take the blame for their mistakes and as a warning to the hapless monk whose mind strayed from the task.