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XIUHAN - look at Sehun's face i think someone is jealous haha....luhan and xuimin << This is soooo adorable!!! They're not my OTP, but this is definitely totes adorbs!!

Whuut? Who made this meme?? I mean,well, i'm a fan of both groups, they have their own reasons anyway so let's just understand them

#thanksgivingwithexo THIS HASHTAG IS SAVAGE OMG

So in one gif: Chanyeol kicked himself in the hand, Xiumin looks a like a freaking bunny, Kyungsoo looks too awkward, Lay literally is holding his crotch and Chen looks like he dislocated his knee. Yep. That’s EXO. That’s men I love…

Luhan's new MV dropped, it's called Good Good. I was gonna make a meme or something but I haven't made time.