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from Inspiration Hut

Underwater Photography by Ilse Moore

I run to the river and dive straight in. I pray that the water will drown out the din, but as the water fills my mouth it couldn't wash the echoes out. I try to shake away the sound and it swallows me whole till there's nothing left inside my soul as empty as that beating drum, but the sound has only just begun.

Ringling Bros is going to phase out elephants in their abusive circus by 2018!! Its not over though, ALL animals in the circus must need to be freed!! Now for SeaWorld!!

Wild Orca near Saturna Island, B.C. "Off to Meet Mom" Mike (J26) heads off to meet up with his mom, Slick (J16) and sister, Echo (J42).

from The Typical Mom

How to visit Disney World for Free

How to get free Disney World tickets! Seriously! This is how our family of 5 went to Disney World for free. AD

A quicker painting i did for the August issue of 2Dartist magazine to demonstrate the use of custom brushes for painting water. I has moar mermaids: