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#Hobby #Hobbies #Windsurfing

#Hobby #Hobbies #Windsurfing

Bexhill bans windsurfing in the seafront of the town

Bexhill-on-Sea is a town within the ancient and historic county of Sussex, in the south of England.

The difference between x-ply and monofilm windsurfing sails

It's one of the most debated issues in windsurfing. What type of sails should we use? X-ply or monofilm?

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When the windsurfing equipment fails far away from the shore, you must be able to return to firm land with what you've got. Learn how to self-rescue on a windsurfer.

How to master the duck jibe windsurfing technique

Balance and timing are critical variables when duck jibing. Learn how to tighten up your turns with a perfect duck jibe.

The 10 golden rules of health and fitness for windsurfing

The ten golden rules of health and fitness for windsurfing

Seat vs Waist: the windsurf harness explained

Discover the pros and cons of the seat and waist harnesses. Learn who and when to use both models in windsurfing.

How to windsurf in waves

How to windsurf in waves

The complete windsurfing and kiteboarding race signals

Sailing races have flags and sounds for different messages. Learn what these visual and audible codes mean.