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Baz's corpse was horribly defaced; in the spirit of ancient religion, the eyes were put out of the head during it's stay on the castle spires, ancient lore for "preventing a spirit to pass on." saph's been collecting glass eyes ever since, just in case.

Cảm thấy rất rối loạn, chả biết thế nào nữa, thấy thế nào ấy, rất bất an. Chán chán 1 chút, muốn nhảy xuống 1 cái vực thăm mang tên ngủ rồi ko bao h tỉnh dậy. Thấy sợ tất cả mọi thứ xung quanh!

Faces 2 This series constitutes Ashkan Honarvar’s search for an identity and the physical and psychological wounds inflicted on soldiers by war. Ashkan Honarvar used existing pictures of young First World War soldiers with facial mutilations.

from Saatchi Art

Solid Advice Collage by Sammy Slabbinck