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365 Happiness Project 2016 – Quote 12

True, my grandpa always tells me and and so do my parents, it doesn't matter a person's title, degree, or followers, it's their character, personality, and true faith in God that defines them

OMG #Jimin why you so flexible??? and kookie!!!... why you hold him like that? #BTS #Jungkook

Some Parents Need To Be More Coherent

We have an unprecedented amount of gender confusion in this country. God created people as men or as women. I feel for the people who are confused and torn up inside, but gender is at the level of the soul.

I am entitled to at least one random pin on this board that doesn't have to do with what the board title says. It's David Bowie and that's all that matters. He's a muse, okay?

I hate this world. So much.: The Nanny, Whats Wrong With Society, Feminism Human Rights, Stupid People On The Internet, Faith In Humanity, Job Society, Feminist