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It’s time to get motivated to do more than maintain our happiness—take the opportunity to change your life for the better through resolutions that will keep you on the right path as you navigate this New Year.

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Poster: Clear Your Mind of Can't

Not quite feeling it today? We've got the perfect reminder to make any day awesome — no matter what life throws your way.

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15 Healthy Habits of People Who Have Lost Weight

15 Habits of People Who Have Lost 20 -30lbs and Kept it Off weight loss motivation weight loss advice

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Daily motivation (25 photos)

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me lever chaque jour avec la hargne et la joie, la fierté, et te rejoindre chaque nuit avec sérénité et bien être... nous avons fait de notre vie quelque chose de tellement extraordinaire

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New Years Resolutions Blueprint

This year I thought I'd make a plan for - - um - - making my plans. Maybe this way I can reign them in and make them actually doable. Here's what I came up with. A New Years Resolutions Blueprint.

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7 Healthy Foods a Nutritionist Prepares Ahead of Time

When you’re first getting moving, it’s important to just focus on getting into the exercise habit; making your run or walk a regular part of each day, finding times and places to exercise that feel convenient and comfortable, and finding a way to enjoy it so you keep it up for the long term.

Restorative Exercises for Spinal Alignment | Gaiam Life


10 Fitness Fibs You Tell Yourself

Medical Education in USA: So you have quite a couple of pills to consume at different times of the day. How would you figure out how to not miss a dose?


10 Ways to Tell Good Pain From Bad Pain

Knee pain is the most common problem of the modern world. Get rid of knee pain through some easy simple exercises at home.