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panel shows Krishna’s mother, Yasoda and her ladies rocking the baby Krishna in a cradle. A group of cows stand at the forefront of the scene watching this divine scene. Ruvari Mallitamma, the famous Hoysala sculptor and architect, started his career in Amritheshwara Temple.


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Republic of Indonesia | Republik Indonesia

Besakih Temple ~ Bali, Indonesia (Photo by Jim Zuckerman)

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Kumbhalgarh Fort

Great Wall of India– The Kumbalgarh Fort. This is the second largest continuous wall on the whole planet. There are 360 Hindu Temples within the fort complex, along with the Maharaja's Grand Palace, Yet bewilderingly, it is still little known outside of India!

Painting depicting a multi-armed, multi-headed being– Vishvarupa of Krishna.Krishna displays his Vishvarupa (Universal Form) to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra (chapter 11).

Unknown Ancient Historical Tourist Destinations in India: Halebidu, Beautifully Carved Hoysaleswara Temple in Karnataka

War scene carved on wall of hoysaleswara temple ; Halebid Halebidu ; Hassan ; Karnataka ;