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Not only does she not believe gun ownership is a constitutional right, and refuse to answer the question twice, notice the professional parseltongue: “if it is a constitutional right”&#…

Clinton Foundation Donors Get Weapons Deals From Clinton's State Department.many of which will end up in the hands of our enemies and killing Americans !

Powerful Meme Shows EXACTLY How Much We Can Trust Hillary Clinton ...

Who was it that cut funding to embassy security? How many soldiers were killed in the Middle East? How many Vets have killed themselves since they came back home? Who just cut Vet benefits? But yeah, let's focus on Benghazi. Oh yeah, and emails.

DEBRA GIFFORD (@lovemyyorkie14) | Twitter

She must be paying out a lot of"blood"money to some scared, dishonest and money grubbing politicians! Let's get rid of the political corruption in our country, VOTE TRUMP!

This is the real reason why he probably let her get away. The average citizen would have been locked up and the key thrown away.

This reeks of corruption. He has let the Clintons walk many other times. Once a registered Republican, but registered no more. Clear where his allegiance lies! Time to end the Clinton Crime Spree. Never Ever Hillary!

These are good sources to back up this meme: http://africasacountry.com/2015/07/hillary-haiti/ | http://freebeacon.com/politics/haitians-protest-outside-hillary-clintons-office-over-billions-stolen-by-clinton-foundation/ | http://sentinel.ht/2015/11/29/bigotry-u-s-policy-haiti-hillary-clinton/ | https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-partisan/wp/2016/03/10/hillary-clinton-needs-to-answer-for-her-actions-in-honduras-and-haiti/ | http://www.albionmonitor.com/1-31-96/haitilabor.html

“ socialistsephardi: “ artdream: “ When the minimum wage in Haiti was raised to 61 cents an hour, Hillary Clinton’s State Department intervened on behalf of American garment.

Politics Jim (@PoliticsJim) | Twitter

This dog was President, and his female dog not only put up with it, but helped crucify his victims.