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Chef Kyla shows us how to make these adorable decorative nests, using a surprise ingredient: instant ramen noodles! Use them to display the chocolate egg truffles, or any other candy of your choice. Ingredients 6 packages of ramen noodles 6...Cool edible nests.

10 Ramen Foods Even Crazier Than The Ramen Burger

Egg Nests - Steven and Chris

Egg Nests - Steven and Chris

These cake truffles are as easy to make as they are delicious! They can be made using store bought or boxed cake mix, or Chef Kyla's own moist chocolate volcano cake recipe. Ingredients Store bought chocolate cake, or Chef Kyla's.

Peach Ramen Dessert  Ingredients    1 pack of ramen style noodles, any flavor  1 #10 can of peaches (14 to 16 oz.)  1 cup evaporated milk (use the rest for coffee creamer or salad dressing) or 1 cup cream  ½ cup of peach juice from the can of peaches  ¼ cup brown sugar or honey  ½ cup crushed corn flakes or frosted flakes

How To Make Ramen Noodles Into A Tasty Meal

This Hub shows you how to make a menu of ramen main dishes, salad, and desserts. These noodles are versatile and tasty in many variations. No wonder noodle shops are so popular!

Ramen #Chex Party Mix!

Spicy and Sweet Ramen Noodle Snack Mix Recipe-This recipe is made with chili ramen noodles, pretzels, Chex® cereal, pecans, and M’s® chocolate candies.

Chicken Ramen Noodles in Peanut Soy Sauce on MyRecipeMagic.com -- jazz up some Ramen noodles with chicken and a delicious 3-ingredient sauce! Perfect fast and easy weeknight dinner!

Chicken Ramen Noodles in Peanut Soy Sauce

Chicken Ramen Noodles in Peanut Soy Sauce -- basic Ramen noodles jazzed up with some chicken and a sauce. The Seasoned Mom

Peach Dessert Ramen -- An interesting combination of flavors. All were ingredients that we had at home already, this makes a two serving dessert. It wasn't bad, just a little weird to have noodles for dessert. Something that would be good for college students/people on a budget.

A few weeks ago, my mom and I had a ramen noodle dinner, I made Cheesy Corn Ramen , and this peach ramen for dessert.

Day 6~12 Days of Christmas Candy, Ramen Noodle Candy - Pink Cake Plate

Ramen Noodle Candy

Marshmallow Pops - Hot Chocolate Cups - Eugenie Kitchen

Marshmallow Pops - Hot Chocolate Cups - 100% Edible

Do you think cake pops are difficult to make? Here goes easy marshmallow pops for party.

Perfect MEDIUM Boiled Egg. The yolk is neither runny or fully cooked but comes out with an almost jelly like consistancy. This is so....good yet so hard to achieve!

How to Make a Perfect Medium-Boiled Egg

Medium Boil Egg - Instructions for boiling the perfect egg—with the white just set and an almost runny yolk—to put in ramen or just eat straight