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Scientists at UCLA have developed a new technique that harnesses the regenerative capacity of stem cells to generate an immune response to HIV, showing that the technique decreased HIV levels in mice by 80 to 95 percent.

Implanted Electrical Devices

Implanted Device Controls Rheumatoid Arthritis A nerve-stimulating electrical implant could give people a drug-free alternative to current treatments.

My mum was on a lifetime of capsules and pills for something that could be cured. Masectomy left her feeling tight and painful chest. Another surgery for her?? Big Pharma is about controlling YOU...a lifetime of expensive meds, not about cure.

Epigenetics. We have always assumed that age-related diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, stroke and cancer are inevitable consequences of aging or because of our genes.

Poor breakfast in youth linked to metabolic syndrome in adulthood

Eat a good breakfast! It is often said that breakfast is important for our health, and a new study supports this claim. The study revealed that adolescents who ate poor breakfasts displayed a higher incidence of metabolic syndrome 27 years later, compared with those who ate more substantial breakfasts.

Protein can control inflammation reactions in the body and this can help those suffering from a range of autoimmune disease.